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Conveyancing Solicitors

Conveyancing Solicitors

Are you a first- time buyer? Selling your house?
Transferring the farm land? Re-mortgaging your property?
Our specialised conveyancing team will keep you informed at each stage of the process.

Buying Your First Time Home

This is an exciting time. It can also be daunting and some of the legal jargon that is used can be confusing. Our aim at McCormack Solicitors with our specialised dedicated conveyancing team is to make the process as simple as possible for you. When you buy your first home our team will keep you informed each step of the process because we know how important it is for you to get the keys to your home. We will explain in simple language what is involved in the process. Because we have a dedicated team, we are always available to deal with your queries no matter how small.

Frequently asked Questions if you are Buying your First Home

Before you look for your ideal home, you need to approach your bank, or a number of banks and see how much you can borrow from them.  They can approve you in principal for a Mortgage and so you know what you will be able to borrow before you start looking for your property.

When you find your ideal property and your offer is accepted the estate agent will ask you for a booking deposit (usually 5% of the value of the property). That will take the property of the market. Your booking deposit is fully refundable if for some reason you don’t proceed with the purchase of the property.

The estate agent will send your solicitor a sales advice note.  This tells the solicitor the name of the person who is selling the property and the solicitor’s name who is selling it and also the price of the property.

When your Solicitor gets contracts and title documents (these are the legal documents for your property including the map of your property and the planning documents) they will then go through them with you in detail and at that stage they will advise you to obtain a surveyor.

Our experience is that it takes eight to ten weeks to close a sale from when we get contracts.  During this time your surveyor will look at the property, you will sign contracts and we will draw down the mortgage money to buy your property.


We as your solicitors require your title deeds (these include your planning documents and the map of your property). If you have a mortgage on the property it is likely that those documents are held by your bank and you will need to sign an authority allowing us to get those documents from the bank. Don’t delay doing this because it can take a number of weeks for us to get title documents from banks.

Obtain a copy of your Local Property Tax (LPT) printout showing it is paid up-to-date. See for more details.

Get your receipts confirming the NPPR tax has been paid on your property.  This was a tax applicable to second houses which people owned and was in place for the years 2009-2013. See for more details

A property can’t be sold in Ireland without a Building Energy Regulation Certificate.  Your auctioneer will probably have already asked for this but you need to obtain one if you don’t have one. See for more details.

Talk to you solicitor about any renovations you have done to the property. Could it have needed planning permission? It is best to let the Solicitor know these details at the start of the sale so there will be no delays along the line if something emerges as the sale progresses.

Advise your solicitor of when you are going to have everything moved out of the property and when the house will be vacant for the new purchasers. If you have tenants in the property you will need to give them the correct notice – see for more details.

Farm Transfers /
Voluntary Transfers

Are you a farmer transferring your farm to your child or a child inheriting a farm or house? Our specialist conveyancing team will guide you through the process. Talk to us today for general advice about valuations, Capital Gains Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax, Stamp Duty and Retirement Relief.

Speak to A Specialist Solicitor

Wherever you are in Ireland, our team of experienced solicitors are ready to talk to you about your case. Just call  071 9621846 or email Alternatively, request a callback or send us a message and we will get right back to you.
*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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