What happens if you do not have a Will made?

If a person dies in Ireland without leaving a legal will, their inheritance will be distributed in accordance with the laws of intestacy. The laws of intestacy govern the allotting of the deceased persons assets, properties, and possessions among the surviving family members. The Succession Act 1965 outlines the details of intestacy laws in Ireland.

The hierarchy of relatives is how the inheritance is distributed in the event there is no will. The surviving spouse or civil partner is usually entitled to a portion of the estate. In the absence of a surviving spouse or civil partner, the estate is split among the children of the deceased. According to rules of intestacy, if there is no surviving spouse or civil partner or children, the estate will pass to parents of the deceased, then siblings, and finally more distant relatives if necessary.

The laws of intestacy may not align to a person’s preference on how their estate is distributed. To ensure that an estate is distributed in a way that is according to your preferences, it is highly recommended you consult a solicitor and draft a valid will.

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