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Micra Redress Scheme

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Even people not affected at all by Mica problems, will certainly have been  moved by the plight of house owners, particularly in some western counties, whose homes have been devastated by Micra, the latest building blight.  A large number of homes will have to be demolished and rebuilt as they are effectively beyond repair.  Most of the occupants of these houses, the majority of them family homes, tend to have outstanding mortgages on them so borrowing large sums again to repair or replace their homes is not a runner.

The initial compensation scheme offered by the state to those affected came under fire as most house owners felt it was totally inadequate. Recent surges in the cost of building materials and labour have only highlighted their difficulties and calls for an improved scheme became more strident.

Legislation is now being drafted to provide for an improved scheme after cabinet approval.  The new measures, which have a rather long-winded title “Remediation of Dwellings damaged by the use of Defective Concrete Blocks Bill 2022”  is now to include additional counties of Clare and Limerick. It will provide for 100% grants of sums up to but not exceeding € 420,000 per dwelling.  The total cost could amount to €3 Billion.

In addition, the government has allowed a sort of pre- legislative screening of the Bill to take place to involve the various stakeholders such as the Mica Action Groups which represent nearly all of the affected homeowners. The moves will be specially welcomed by those most severely affected who, at one stage, were afraid of losing their homes altogether if  sufficient redress was not provided.


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