Mother & Baby Scheme

Mother & Baby Scheme

The Mother and Baby Homes residency is a controversial stage in Irish history, which led to much suffering. It was said to have spanned from 1922 to 1998, 76 years. The Mother and Baby Commission of Investigation’s final report, released on the on the 30th of October 2020 , stated that there are an estimated 130,000 survivors of the residency of these Mother and Baby Home institutions.

Who qualifies for the redress scheme payment distribution?

The compensation applies to mothers and children / adoptees who are residences of these homes. This also applies to young mothers, who were under the age of 18 during their residency. This scheme will include financial payments and a form of enhanced medical card. There was originally a residency requirement of a minimum six months. However, on the 12th of July 2022, the Oireachtas joint Committee recommended this requirement be dropped.

General Payment

This is to recognise time spent in this institution, the emotional abuse and trauma suffered as a result and the harsh conditions experienced.
Who is eligible for general payment?.

Work related payment

If applicable and relevant.
Who is eligible for work related payment?

Work related payment

Time spent in a Mother and Baby or County home institutionsGeneral payment for Mother and ChildrenWork payment (for mothers who qualify only)The total amount qualifying for general payment and work payment
Less than 3 months (mothers only)500005000
Between 3 and 6 months (mothers only)10000150011500
Between 6 months and 1 year12500300015500
Over 1 year15000600021000
Over 2 years200001200032000
Over 3 years250001800043000
Over 4 years300002400054000
Over 5 years400003000070000
Over 6 years450003600081000
Over 7 years500004200092000
Over 8 years5500048000103000
Over 9 years6000054000114000
Over 10 years + (Max)6500060000125000

enhanced medical card

All residents of a Mother and Baby or County Homes for six months or more will be eligible for an enhanced medical card. If you live abroad and are applying for the scheme you will have a choice. You can either take the card and use it when visiting Ireland or if you should decide to move back to Ireland permanently in the future or you can opt to receive a once-off payment of €3,000 instead of the medical card, as a contribution towards your individual health needs.
The services available, without charge, through the enhanced medical card are as follows:

What Institutions are covered by the Scheme?

Mother and Baby Home Institutions
Unfortunately, as of the most current terms of the Scheme, redress does not extend beyond the institutions listed above, however, once again we advise that you keep an eye on our website for any further development or updates on this matter as it is ever evolving and changing day by day.
County Home Institutions

What is the Application Process?

The Scheme, as previously mentioned, is not currently open and it is not expected to be active until late 2022 or early 2023, but it will be well published and documented when it has been fully established. If you are looking to apply for the scheme, there are parts of the process you can begin presently. You will need to have evidence that records your time spent at one of the eligible institutions. These can be generally found on Tulsa’s website.

Here to help

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