I’m buying a house - Do I need to employ a surveyor?

I’m buying a house – Do I need to employ a surveyor?

Why should I obtain a surveyor to survey my property?

If you are purchasing a second-hand property you purchase the property in the condition that you find it in (warts and all). Therefore, it is essential that you get a surveyor to survey the house and ensure that they are satisfied with it from a structural point of view.  They will also look at the property in general and make sure that the property has been built in compliance with planning permission.  It is often the case that the seller may have added something to the property such as a window or a porch which they may not have got planning permission for and your surveyor will notice this and point this out to you and then this can be dealt with through your solicitor.

If you purchase a property with a defect and you are not aware of it then when you go to sell this property you may have difficulty selling it. Also, if there is a structural defect with the property ultimately you have no right to compensation for that defect because you have purchased it knowing that this defect exists.

The surveyor will also look at the map of your property and make sure that the map corresponds with the actual boundaries on the ground surrounding your property.  It can be the case that the map in the Land Registry/Property Registration Authority is slightly different to the map surrounding your property on the ground and if there is a difference here your surveyor will note this and be able to point this out to you and your solicitor and it can be dealt with prior to you purchasing the property.

Buying a New Property

If you are buying a new property your surveyor needs to look at the map to ensure that the new site which belongs to your new property is correct and aligns with the map which goes into the Land Registry/Property Registration Authority.  They will also look at the specifications and the planning documents and all of the certificates which are being furnished to your solicitor as regards the planning permission and check if they are satisfied with the way that those certificates are being presented.

Because it is new property there will be a snag list needed before you actually move in to ensure that it is finished to the correct specification which you and your solicitor have been furnished with and your surveyor will deal with that on your behalf.

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