Buying a house

What does it cost to buy a house?

 The following is a list of the various costs involved in buying a house:

Property Registration Authority Fees

 The Property Registration Authority in Ireland (also known as the Land Registry) is the Government body which registers the property in an individual’s name. They charge a fee of between €400.00 and €800.00 to register property in your name. The fee they charge depends on the value of the property. The fees for the registration of a property are as follows: –

  1. If cost of property is not in excess of €50,000.00 – €400.00
  2. If cost is between €50,000 and €200,000.00 – €600.00
  3. If cost is between €200,000.00 and €400,000.00 – €700.00
  4. If cost of property is in excess of €400,000.00 – €800.00

Fee to register your Mortgage in the Property Registration Authority:

Your bank will insist that there is a note in the Property Registration Authority that there is a mortgage on that property and the fee that the Property Registration Authority charge to make that note on the folio is €175.00.

 Fee to obtain Print-off Folio:

The fee to obtain a copy of your Folio which shows your name and your mortgage registered on the property is €5.00.

 Fee to obtain Sealed and Certified Copy of Folio:

This is a Property Registration Authority document which gives a full coloured copy of the map belonging to your property and the fee for this is €40.00

Planning Search

A planning search normally costs somewhere between €120.00 to €200.00

A Planning Search deals with the following

This will advise you if the planning history of the property is in order. The planning search will generally reveal such things as zoning of the area, any prior applications for planning permission in respect of the property and any refusals of permission. It may also reveal any road widening proposals which affect the property. In addition, any compensation awards, enforcement notices, warning notices, conservation orders, sterilisation agreements etc. will be revealed.

 Other Search Fees:

  • The following searches are required to be conducted on the day you close your sale: 
  • Judgement (Real Estate)
  • Judgement (Debt/Money)
  • Bankruptcy and EU Personal Insolvencies
  • Insolvency Service of Ireland
  • PRA Land Registry Folio
  • Companies/Business Name(s) Search (if applicable)
  • Receiver of Fines
  •  The fees for these searches can vary but are usually between €80 to €170.00.

 Stamp Duty: Stamp Duty is payable on all residential properties at 1% of the value of the property. Stamp Duty payable on non –residential property is at 7.5%.

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